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Thank you for visiting our new website.  Some pages are still under construction.  Please bear with us whilst we add content. We would welcome your comments and or suggestions. Take a look around and check back regularly for updated pages.

Great Tew School was recently described as ‘a tiny school with big ideas’* . We are forward- looking, self analytical, and constantly seeking to improve our already outstanding provision.

Throughout their time at Great Tew, children are taught in classes of mixed age and ability, where they are encouraged to work together as well as independently. Teaching is carefully tailored to suit differing abilities within each class, with extra support for those who need it alongside extension work for the more able.

Ofsted inspectors have remarked on how much our children love coming to school and how they are always keen to learn. The inspectors have said that pupils’ personal development is outstanding and their behaviour is excellent, as is our teaching and the quality of our care, guidance and support. The nurturing and supportive atmosphere of the school is also evident in the playground, where older and younger children are encouraged to play together and look after one another.

There is an active and vocal School Council, comprising children from each year group, elected by the pupils themselves. In a recent survey, 97% of children felt that teachers listened to and valued their ideas.

 Lucy Miles – Head Teacher


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