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Curriculum in Years 1 to 6


At Great Tew Primary school, we follow an integrated approach to the curriculum, through our “Learning Challenge” Curriculum. This is an enquiry based approach, built around a series of questions, designed to engage the children and ‘hook’ them into their learning.  Learning is centred around a prime learning challenge or question, usually history, geography or science related, and the questions are designed to develop curiosity and incorporate challenge for all children. Children are involved in the planning and emphasis is placed on the development of skills through experiences which are motivating, engaging and relevant for all the children.

All of the learning will be linked around the Prime learning challenge, providing opportunities for children to apply their key skills in literacy, mathematics and computing where appropriate.

At Key Stages One and Two, children are taught in three mixed age classes, so our curriculum is planned out over a two year cycle.

Download Whole School Topic Map for 2016-2018 (two-year cycle)

Download curriculum overview for Years 1 to 6

Years 1&2

Year 1-2 Two Year Curriculum map

Autumn1 – 2016 – What a Racket!

Autumn2 – 2016 – What Was it Like in Great Tew 100 Years Ago?

Spring1 – 2017 – Which Materials Should the Three Little Pigs Have Used?

Spring2 – 2017 – Why Were Columbus and Armstrong Very Brave People?

Summer – 2017 – What Would Travelling Tiger Enjoy Doing in Great Tew?

Autumn – 2017 – Why Do We Love to be Beside the Seaside?/Pirates

Spring – 2018 – Great Tew or Skardu?

Summer1 – 2018 – Why is the Wii More Fun than Grandma’s Old Toys?

Summer2 – 2018 – Why Would a Dinosaur Not Make a Good Pet?

Years 3 & 4

Year 3-4 Two Year Curriculum map

Summer 2016 – Why is Greece Always in the News?

Autumn 2016 – WW1

Spring 2017 – Was Tutankhamun Really Murdered?

Summer 2017 – Were the Sixties Really Swinging?

Autumn 2017 – Robert Catesby – Villain or Hero?

Spring 2018 – Did the Stone Age Rock?

Summer 2019 – Rivers and Water

Years 5 & 6

Year 5-6 Two Year Curriculum map

Summer 2016 – Why are the Brazilian rainforests important to us all and are the Brazil Olympic games easier or harder than the Ancient Olympic games?

Autumn 2016 – WW1

Spring 2017 – Baghdad

Autumn 2017 – How Vicious Were the Vikings and How Smashing Were the Saxons?

Spring 2018 – Our Victorian School – How Did the Introduction of the Railways Impact on Our Lives Today?