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DT Day at Bloxham School


Last week, Year 5 had a fantastic morning at Bloxham School for a D&T day. The Head of Technology – Mr. B – planned an exciting project for the children to undertake, all linked to our topic on North America. Arriving with detailed plans and ideas for their totem poles, the children were then exposed to an array of tools and machinery to shape a cuboid of wood into a real life version of their ideas. Despite wanting to close my eyes and hold my breath while the children were pushing their wood through a band saw, I was so impressed with how well they had taken on the safety advice as they produced some beautiful wings and detailing to attach to their designs. Year 5 also sculpted their totem poles using planes and rasps to take off the corners of the wood. It was an excellent opportunity for the children to extend their skills and we will definitely be booking in again next year!
Lots more pictures in the gallery.