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Governing Body


How does the governing body work?

As a team of volunteers, our role is to work in close partnership in supporting the headteacher and the staff to promote school improvement in ensuring that all of our pupils receive a high standard of teaching and learning and reach or exceed their potential in an environment which is safe and happy. We strive to offer a wealth of opportunities and positive experiences for all of our children.

Meeting every four weeks during term time, the governing body works by collective decision-making and shared power, not personal power and responsibility.  It is the full governing body which has legal duties and powers and all governors share in that corporate responsibility. Governors do not represent the individual interests of parents, staff or any particular group within the school or wider community.

Our main responsibility is for the raising of standards through:

Strategic support:  helping the head teacher and her team set down the schools development plans.

Critical friendship: being supportive but always challenging the leadership team of the school issues that affect the learning and welfare of pupils.

Performance management: monitoring the schools performance and working with the head teacher and hr team to address any issues.

Capital planning: making sure the plans and funding are in place to continually keep the schools premises and equipment up to date and fit for purpose.  We fulfil statutory duties to ensure that the school is a safe, healthy and an inclusive environment.

Who are we?

Our governing body is made up of total of 10 governors which includes the Headteacher and:

Parent Governors (3 places) are elected by parents/guardians of registered pupils and must be parents/guardians at the time of election.  Parent governors do not have to leave if their child leaves during their term of office, but they can if they wish to.

Parent Governors: Mr Peter Collins, Mrs Jos Grant
Miss Naomi Roberts (Vice-Chair)


Local Authority (LA) Governors ( 1 place) are nominated by the Local Education Authority and are often political appointments.  LA Governors do not have to be Borough Councillors but are sometimes members of a political party in the area and usually live locally.

Local Authority Governor – Ms Vivienne Bennett


Staff Governor (1 place) is elected by the staff employed to work at the school.  If they leave the school, they cannot remain on the governing body.

Staff Governor – Mrs Samantha Reid


Co-opted Governors (3 places) are appointed by the governing body.  They are often people who live or work locally and are chosen to bring specific skills to the governor team.

Co-opted Governors: Mrs Sarah Lainchbury, Mrs Una Tibbetts
Mrs Jane Zibarras  (Chair of Governors)


Clerk to Governors – Mrs Angela Murrey

Headteacher – Mrs Lucy Miles

Associate Member – Mr Matthew Bull


Governing Body Code of Conduct